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Off Down The Rabbit Hole

The idea for Off Down The Rabbit Hole came from feedback for a Facebook group I started in early 2019. I wanted to share photos, sightings and anything at all interesting relating to wildlife in the beautiful county of Carmarthenshire. People have said how much they enjoy learning from each other’s posts so I’m developing this blog as a way of going further afield and into a bit more depth – and off down some wonderful rabbit holes pursuing whatever takes my fancy, nature-wise!

I’ve been transfixed and fascinated by the natural world for as long as I can remember. Every time I step outdoors, I find something new to learn about. Whether I’m studying something in intricate depth, or photographing it, or I’m simply there as a guest, being part of nature’s bigger picture, I always feel a sense of wonder and privilege. This blog will share some of my reflections on the natural world and will hopefully inspire others to get outside and connect with nature too.

I live with my family in rural West Wales.
I ride a motorcycle, play the clarinet (but not at the same time!) and I love nature and the outdoors.
My passion for wildlife is shared in my monthly newspaper column in the Carmarthen Journal – Nature Notes; and I’ve shared stories in the Wildlife Trust’s Living Seas project in Wales too.

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